Meals at CTJ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meal program?
The meals program is an optional program offered by the CTJ Band Parent Association.  Meals are provided during band camp, football games and local competitions. This is offered as a convenience to families.  Many times the kids have very little time to go somewhere and get a meal and have time to eat.  Meals are served at the beginning of meal time.

What is the cost for the meals? What is included in the meals?
Meals are $7 and include an entrée, chips, dessert and a water bottle.
For example:  Sandwich, chips, cookie and water bottle.

What if my child has a private lesson or appointment at mealtime?
If your child has a private lesson or appointment during mealtime, we ask that your child please pick up their meal before going to their lesson or appointment.  Meal distribution happens very quickly and if only a few meals haven’t been picked up, then we can only assume your child is not there that day. Please be considerate of the volunteer’s time.  We cannot wait around for an extra hour for your child to pick up their meal.

What vendors are used for the meals?
Meals are typically provided by local fast-food vendors. Some vendors frequently used are Papa John’s, Chick Fil-A, Jason’s Deli and Lenny’s Subs to name a few.

What do I do if my child only wants one of the meals for the day, either lunch or dinner?
You have the option when you order to choose “no meal” as an option.

What happens if I accidentally order twice?
If this happens, please contact the meal coordinator by email at

What happens if I order a meal and my child doesn’t go to school/band rehearsal that day?
Meals are paid in advance to the vendors.  We cannot issue any credits the day of the meal.  If you have issues with this, please contact the meal coordinator at

What if I miss the deadline to order meals?
Meal orders cannot be taken after the deadline.  However, a limited number of extra meals are ordered.  Your child may bring $7 cash or check made out to CTJBPA to pay for a meal.  Please understand that the extra meals are first come, first serve and there is no guarantee that your child will get the meal he/she likes best or that there will be any meals available.

What if my child has a dietary restriction such as vegetarian, dairy free, or gluten free, etc.?
Meals are optional and not all vendors will have a selection that will honor these dietary restrictions.  Most fast food vendors do not have these options.  It may be better for your child to bring his own meal to avoid any issues.

What are my options if my child doesn’t want any of the meals?
Meals are optional and there is no obligation to purchase a meal.  It is suggested that your child bring his/her own lunch or someone drop off a meal at the beginning of meal time. 

What about out of town competition meals?
There will be a selection form for out of town meals.  Out of town meals are typically covered by band fees, but not always.  At this time, we try to accommodate as many restrictions as possible but please be aware that this is not always possible.  At this time, you can discuss any concerns with the meal coordinator to see what the options are.  The meal coordinator can be contacted at

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