2018 TMEA All-Region

We would like to congratulate the following Claudia Taylor Johnson High School band members on making the Texas Music Educators Association All-State, All-Area, All-Region and All-District bands.

CTJ had 16 members earn chairs in the TMEA All-State Band — including eight who were first place in the room — following Area E auditions.

The total was the most ever for CTJ, with the previous high being eight.

TMEA All-State Members (16)
(an asterisk denotes first in the room)

Tracy Le, 12th grade — Eb Clarinet*
Jake Glaser, 9th grade — Bb Clarinet
Emily Edgar, 12th grade — Alto Clarinet*
Trevor Moss, 12th grade — Contrabass Clarinet*
Ian Compton, 12th grade — English Horn*
Parker Payne, 12th grade — Tenor Saxophone*
Hondo San Miguel, 10th grade — Baritone Saxophone*
Bruno Zuniga-Hernandez, 11th grade — Trumpet
Patrick Sanford, 12th grade — French Horn
Eli Canales, 11th grade — Tenor Trombone
Preston Payne, 10th grade — Tenor Trombone
Aiden Sutherland, 12th grade — Bass Trombone*
Tommy Brennan, 10th grade — Euphonium
Moses Roberts, 12th grade — Euphonium
Clayton Stuller, 12th grade — Tuba*
Joseph Lukowski, 12th grade — Tuba

TMEA All-Area Members (32)

Alto Clarinet - Emily Edgar (12th grade), 1st chair
Baritone Saxophone - Alejandro San Miguel (10th grade), 1st chair
Bass Clarinet - Joseph Rheney (11th grade), 2nd chair
Bass Trombone - Aiden Sutherland (12th grade), 1st chair
Bass Trombone - Dylan Davidson (10th grade), 2nd chair
Bassoon - Isabella Perez (9th grade), 2nd chair
Bassoon - Emma Stoddard (11th grade), 3rd chair
Bb Clarinet - Jake Glaser (9th grade), 1st chair
Bb Clarinet - Marisa Gonzalez (9th grade), 4th chair
Bb Clarinet - Sarah Harvey (11th grade), 5th chair
Contrabass Clarinet - Trevor Moss (12th grade), 1st chair
Eb Clarinet - Tracy Le (12th grade), 1st chair
English Horn - Ian Compton (12th grade), 1st chair
Euphonium - Tommy Brennan (10th grade), 1st chair
Euphonium - Moses Roberts (12th grade), 2nd chair
Flute - Jessica Long (12th grade), 3rd chair
French Horn - Patrick Sanford (12th grade), 1st chair
French Horn - Shadaab Shirazi (12th grade), 6th chair
Oboe - Zakery Sifuentez (12th grade), 1st chair
Percussion - Russell Watson (12th grade), 2nd chair
Percussion - Sean Stuller (11th grade), 3rd chair
Piccolo - Kaitlyn Hawkins (9th grade), 2nd chair
Tenor Saxophone - Parker Payne (12th grade), 1st chair
Tenor Trombone - Eli Canales (11th grade), 1st chair
Tenor Trombone - Preston Payne (10th grade), 3rd chair
Trumpet - Kadence Koehl (10th grade), 1st chair
Trumpet - Connor Tipton (12th grade), 2nd chair
Trumpet - Will Donoghue (12th grade), 3rd chair
Trumpet - Aiden Souder (9th grade), 6th chair
Trumpet - Bruno Zuniga-Hernandez (11th grade), 9th chair
Tuba - Clayton Stuller (12th grade), 2nd chair
Tuba - Joseph Lukowski (12th grade), 3rd chair

TMEA All-Region Members (50)

Piccolo - Kaitlyn Hawkins
Flute - Jessica Long
Flute - Hailey Hickerson
Flute - Jake Troop
Oboe - Zakery Sifuentez
English Horn - Ian Compton
Eb Clarinet - Tracy Le
Bb Clarinet - Jake Glaser
Bb Clarinet - Madison Peck
Bb Clarinet - Brenna Mitchell
Bb Clarinet - Sarah Harvey
Bb Clarinet - Daniel Estrada
Bb Clarinet - Marisa Gonzalez
Bb Clarinet - Alexa Liebhardt
Alto Clarinet - Emily Edgar
Contrabass Clarinet - Trevor Moss
Bassoon - Emma Stoddard
Bassoon - Isabella Perez
Alto Saxophone - Matthew Rheney
Tenor Saxophone - Alejandro San Miguel
Tenor Saxophone - Parker Payne
Baritone Saxophone - Alejandro San Miguel
Trumpet - Connor Tipton
Trumpet - Kadence Koehl
Trumpet - Will Donoghue
Trumpet - Aiden Souder
Trumpet - Bruno Zuniga-Hernandez
French Horn - Alex Engle
French Horn - Catherine Chambers
French Horn - Patrick Sanford
French Horn - Shadaab Shirazi
French Horn - Andrew Crawford
Tenor Trombone - Eli Canales
Tenor Trombone - Preston Payne
Bass Trombone - Dylan Davidson
Bass Trombone - Aiden Sutherland
Euphonium - Juan Rangel
Euphonium - Tommy Brennan
Euphonium - Moses Roberts
Tuba - Brenden Coursey
Tuba - Clayton Stuller
Tuba - Joseph Lukwoski
Tuba - Robert Mullen
Percussion - Jacqueline Halldorsson
Percussion - Dylan Castellanos
Percussion - Isaac LaVigne
Percussion - Russell Watson
Percussion - Sean Stuller

TMEA All District Band Members (19)

Piccolo - Alexis Perez (12th grade)
Flute - Mallory Condra (12th grade)
Bb Clarinet - Ariana Clark (10th grade)
Bb Clarinet - Isabel Montez (10th grade)
Bb Clarinet - Angelina Morales (9th grade)
Oboe - Ian Compton (12th grade)
Bassoon - Matthew Blackwell (9th grade)
Alto Saxophone - Matthew Hamann (12th grade)
Baritone Saxophone - Juan San Miguel (11th grade)
Trumpet - Ewan Gomes (11th grade)
Trumpet - Ethan Porter (11th grade)
Trumpet - Nadia Fiscal (10th grade)
French Horn - Brenden Listiak (10th grade)
French Horn - Chance Sutton (9th grade)
Tenor Trombone - Tim Lutz (12th grade)
Tuba - Jacob Quintero (11th grade)
Tuba - Joshua Kraly (10th grade)
Percussion - Noa Raimond (11th grade)
Percussion - Laura Navarro (11th grade)

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