Middle School Vertical Alignment Team

Bernard Rosenberg - Director of Bands, Frank Tejeda Middle School
Shawna Lien - Associate Director of Bands, Frank Tejeda Middle School

Kim Rosenberg -   Director of Bands, David Lee "Tex" Hill Middle School
Chad Taylor - Associate Director of Bands, David Lee "Tex" Hill Middle School

Gabe Rosas - Director of Bands, Barbara Bush Middle School
Erin Sharkey  - Associate Director of Bands, Barbara Bush Middle School  

Johnson High School Design Team 

Jarrett Lipman - Program Coordinator
Darryl Pemberton - Visual Designer
Carol Britin Chambers -Wind Arranger
Jodie Rhodes  - Programming & Design Consultant
Kris Hartman -Battery Arranger
Jordan Stern -Front Ensemble Arranger
Colton Hines - Electronics Designer & Consultant
Alan Sharps -Electronics Design
Aaron Guidry -Music, Electronics, & Percussion Design Consultant
Mark Chambers -Programming Consultant
Curtis Uhlemann -Choreographer & Movement Consultant
Erica Gionfriddo - Choreographer & Movement Consultant
Keith Potter  - Winterguard Design Consultant

Instructional Staff 

Kris Hartman - Battery Percussion Director & Percussion Instructor 6-12
Aaron Barnes - Visual Caption Manager
Jodie Rhodes - Woodwind & Music Instructor
Tom Bennett - Band Clinician
Joe Dixon Band Clinician & Brass Specialist
Gino Cipriani - Music Consultant & Instructor
Jason Buckingham - Music Consultant & Instructor
Philip May - Clarinet & Woodwind Specialist
Christopher Conrad Isenhour - Brass & Marching Instructor
Morgan Gutierrez - Marching & Percussion Instructor
Dr. Tim Rhea - Band Clinician
Mr Mike Brashear - Band Clinician

<March 2017>

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