Johnson Capital Campaign

Johnson Capital Campaign Johnson Band Family,

We have kicked off a school-year long campaign to raise $50,000 toward the purchase of new instruments and equipment for the band program. 

With the rapid expansion of the territory surrounding Johnson, we have reached capacity where we do not currently have enough instruments to put into the hands of all the band members who need to use them. 

At this time, we are still borrowing equipment from several other campuses around NEISD, but Reagan, Churchill, and CTJ are all experiencing enormous growth in their band programs, leading to a shortage in equipment district wide. We have anticipated this problem occurring for several years, and have been working to outfit new instruments each year through the CTJ Band Parents Association and also NEISD Capital Outlay, but we have reached “capacity” as of today in tuba, french horn, baritone, percussion, bass clarinet, and some double reed instruments. 

The problem will get worse as we move into the 2017-18 year, as we are anticipate graduating 60 and gaining 90 incoming freshmen. 

While we are most aware we are deep in the weeds with many families raising money to go towards grand nationals, we are kicking off this year-long fundraiser, that will begin with a SNAP Campaign. 

The SNAP campaign is designed to jump start the year-long event, and help with some of the immediate purchases that we have already had to dip into reserves to cover the cost of. There is nothing “to buy” … this is simply about gathering donations, all of which are tax deductible. Those who came to the band night on Friday saw first hand how much BIGGER we look … and we are excited about this growth. As we said to the band members today, we all benefit from a full instrumentation. 

Additionally, we will need to purchase these instruments regardless of whether we can raise the additional capital over the year, which may require re-evaluating clinicians and other events through the spring. The band members currently benefit from an extraordinary masterclass faculty throughout the year, who provide instruction, coaching, and support. 

We also benefit throughout the year from meals, travel, and other perks the result from the CTJ Band Parent Association's wonderful fundraising efforts. Our hope is to maintain our current trajectory, and infuse additional capital to help support the purchases of this equipment.  

On the fundraiser, we have detailed the costs for mid-line instruments so you have an idea on what each piece of equipment costs.
Sousaphone, $6,000
Concert tuba, $6,000
Marching baritone, $1,750
Concert baritone, $4,000
Concert french horn, $3,500
Marching french horn, $1,750
Bass clarinet, $2,000-$6,000
Bassoon, $7,000
Piccolo, $1,500
Soprano saxophone, $3,000
Marimba, $3,800
Baritone saxophone, $4,000
Tenor saxophone, $3,500

Please help us by considering a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to this fund, and by sharing this with family, friends, alumni, and community members to help support the cause.

— Jarrett Lipman