CTJ Student Leadership

CTJ is very proud of all who auditioned for leadership positions and appreciates the focus on improved teaching and self reflection from the candidates. We had more than 80 individuals audition for positions. We anticipate growing toward 300-plus students in the program for the 2017-18 school year. To accommodate this growth, CTJ has expanded its student leadership to ensure larger sections can be split into smaller focus groups for better teaching and mentorship.

We take detailed notes on each candidate, compile scores and rankings, and spend a great deal of time before and after the auditions evaluating written materials, essays, and discussing the process.

THANK YOU to the students for their preparations for this process. We realize not all can have a title, but you are all leaders for taking the step to audition, prepare, and show such a care for the program and one another.

2017-18 CTJ Band Leadership

Drum Major / Band President: Taylor Lovato-Cruz
Asst. Drum Major: Grace Gillock
Asst. Drum Major: Laura Pike
Asst. Drum Major: Carter Wilson

Jr. Drum Major / Will March Tuba: Clayton Stuller

Co-Woodwind Captain: Alan Nguyen

Co-Woodwind Captain: Alyssa Gonzales
Co-Brass Captain: Luke Pratorius

Co-Brass Captain: Jireh Robinson
Colorguard Captains: TBA following conclusion of June camp
Co-Percussion Captain: Isaac LaVigne

Co-Percussion Captain: Ian Anderson

Flute/Piccolo Section Leaders: Alyssa Gonzales, Madelyn Hall
Flute/Piccolo Assistant Section Leaders: Kayma Williamson, Jessica Long
Clarinet Section Leaders: Zakery Sifuentez
Clarinet Assistant Section Leaders: Karla Flores, Emma Cook
Alto Saxophone Section Leader: Alan Nguyen
Alto Saxophone Assistant Section Leaders: Matthew Hamann, Matthew Rheney

Low Saxophone Section Leader: Parker Payne

Low Saxophone Assistant Section Leader: Juan San Miguel
Bass Clarinet Section Leader: Taylor Anthony

Trumpet Section Leaders: Luke Pratorius, Will Donoghue
Trumpet Assistant Section Leaders: Jake Arlington, Connor Tipton, Noah Schafer
French Horn Section Leaders: Elliot Peters, Jireh Robinson
French Horn Assistant Section Leader: Patrick Sanford
Trombone Section Leader: Trevor Kearns
Trombone Assistant Section Leaders: Eli Canales, Allison Byrd
Baritone Section Leader: Brendan Wilde
Baritone Assistant Section Leader: Moses Roberts, *Additional position TBA in August
Tuba Section Leader: Owen Bjornson, Clayton Stuller
Tuba Assistant Section Leaders: Kiara Davila

Front Ensemble Section Leader: Isaac LaVigne
Assistant Front Ensemble Section Leaders: Miriam Listiak, Sharon Smith, Sean Stuller
Batterie Section Leaders: Ian Anderson, Mazlyn Herrera, Elizabeth Holzmann, Matthew Kochera, Jacob Lowe, Garrett Weber

2017-18 CTJ Band Officers

Band President/Head Drum Major
Taylor Lovato-Cruz

Vice Presidents of Logistics
Kristin Gillman*
Collin Lawrence
Jack Lea
Sam Chapko

Vice Presidents of Special Events
Laura Pike*
Kayma Williamson

Vice Presidents of Uniforms
Alyssa Gonzales*
Kiara Davila
Haley Walkingstick
Samuel Scott

Vice Presidents of Music Library
Tracy Le*
Emily Edgar

Ashley Humphries*
Jada Newman
Madelyn Villareal

Assistant to Historians/Photography
Alex Engle

Freshmen Elected Representatives
Lindsey Huggins
Melody Piazzi

Freshmen Leadership Team
Kadence Koehl
Robert Mullen
Kayla Baird

*Denotes voting member of Band Member E-Board, based on receiving highest total vote count.

CTJ Leadership Camp will be held on July 27-29.
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