CTJ Student Leadership

2017-18 CTJ Drum Majors 2017-18 Claudia Taylor Johnson drum majors (clockwise from top right): Carter Wilson, Laura Pike, Taylor Lovato-Cruz, Grace Gillock, and Clayton Stuller.

CTJ had more than 80 individuals audition for positions for the 2017-18 school year, and to accommodate program growth has expanded its student leadership team to ensure larger sections can be split into smaller focus groups for better teaching and mentorship.

2017-18 CTJ Band Leadership

Drum Major / Band President: Taylor Lovato-Cruz
Asst. Drum Major: Grace Gillock
Asst. Drum Major: Laura Pike
Asst. Drum Major: Carter Wilson

Jr. Drum Major / Will March Tuba: Clayton Stuller

Co-Woodwind Captain: Alan Nguyen

Co-Woodwind Captain: Alyssa Gonzales
Co-Brass Captain: Luke Pratorius

Co-Brass Captain: Jireh Robinson
Colorguard Captains: Bethany Brown, Rory Gaudette, Paige Lamm
Co-Percussion Captain: Isaac LaVigne

Co-Percussion Captain: Ian Anderson

Flute/Piccolo Section Leaders: Alyssa Gonzales, Madelyn Hall
Flute/Piccolo Assistant Section Leaders: Kayma Williamson, Jessica Long
Clarinet Section Leaders: Zakery Sifuentez
Clarinet Assistant Section Leaders: Karla Flores, Emma Cook
Alto Saxophone Section Leader: Alan Nguyen
Alto Saxophone Assistant Section Leaders: Matthew Hamann, Matthew Rheney

Low Saxophone Section Leader: Parker Payne

Low Saxophone Assistant Section Leader: Juan San Miguel
Bass Clarinet Section Leader: Taylor Anthony

Trumpet Section Leaders: Luke Pratorius, Will Donoghue
Trumpet Assistant Section Leaders: Jake Arlington, Connor Tipton, Noah Schafer
French Horn Section Leaders: Elliot Peters, Jireh Robinson
French Horn Assistant Section Leader: Patrick Sanford
Trombone Section Leader: Trevor Kearns
Trombone Assistant Section Leaders: Eli Canales, Allison Byrd
Baritone Section Leader: Brendan Wilde
Baritone Assistant Section Leader: Moses Roberts, *Additional position TBA in August
Tuba Section Leader: Owen Bjornson, Clayton Stuller
Tuba Assistant Section Leaders: Kiara Davila

Front Ensemble Section Leader: Isaac LaVigne
Assistant Front Ensemble Section Leaders: Miriam Listiak, Sharon Smith, Sean Stuller
Batterie Section Leaders: Ian Anderson, Mazlyn Herrera, Elizabeth Holzmann, Matthew Kochera, Jacob Lowe, Garrett Weber

2017-18 CTJ Band Officers

Band President/Head Drum Major
Taylor Lovato-Cruz

Vice Presidents of Logistics
Kristin Gillman*
Collin Lawrence
Jack Lea
Sam Chapko

Vice Presidents of Special Events
Laura Pike*
Kayma Williamson

Vice Presidents of Uniforms
Alyssa Gonzales*
Kiara Davila
Haley Walkingstick
Samuel Scott

Vice Presidents of Music Library
Tracy Le*
Emily Edgar

Ashley Humphries*
Jada Newman
Madelyn Villareal

Assistant to Historians/Photography
Alex Engle

Freshmen Elected Representatives
Lindsey Huggins
Melody Piazzi

Freshmen Leadership Team
Kadence Koehl
Robert Mullen
Kayla Baird

*Denotes voting member of Band Member E-Board, based on receiving highest total vote count.